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Surrounded by the ecological canal system and central regulating lake of Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien urban area, Nguyet Que sub-area has the largest scale in The Harmony of which 28 lots of impressively designed shophouses are featured 2 in 1 usability.




Overview of Nguyet Que sub-area Vinhomes The Harmony


- Northeast: Adjacent to the lake, Tulip sub-area and Vinhomes Riverside phase 1

- Southeast: Adjacent to Huong Duong sub-area

- Southwest: Adjacent to the Orchid sub-area

- Northwest: Contiguous to planning land





- 180 detached villas

- 180 duplex villas

- 26 quadrangle villas

- 97 garden houses

- 430 townhouses

- 28 shophouses

Inspired by the famous Parthenon temple worshiping the goddess Athena in the Greek kingdom, all villas, townhouses, and garden houses in the Nguyet Que sub-area are built with triangular gable roofs and rim columns. The outside of the building is decorated with fillings-shaped motifs, with a modern and elegant direction.

In addition, the Nguyet Que sub-area is also separated from the outside areas by green gardens and canals over 6 km long. With the advantage of embracing the central air conditioning lake of 12.4 hectares wide, residents in this sub-area will fully enjoy the unique utility landscapes such as floating restaurants on the lake, walking paths wooden, adventure park, etc.

Nguyet Que sub-area is also the only sub-area in Vinhomes Riverside urban area that includes all 6 types: single villas, duplex villas, quadrangle villas, garden houses, townhouses, and shophouses. Each type has a decentralized price, aimed at both the super-rich and the wealthy throughout Hanoi.


Shophouse design Vinhomes The Harmony

Designed quite similar to The Harmony duplex villa, Vinhomes The Harmony shophouse owns 3 open sides towards the outside natural space. In front of each shophouse, there will be a large sidewalk, creating maximum conditions for business and trade.

The unique feature of The Harmony shophouse is that the owner fully takes advantage of the "huge" quantity of residents in both Vinhomes Riverside and Vinhomes The Harmony urban areas. These are all high-class customers, willing to pay high prices for products and services, as long as the quality is excellent.

With a unique design both for living and for business, Vinhomes The Harmony shophouse is a unique choice for business enthusiasts as well as investors with attractive profit opportunities.


High-class facilities of Vinhomes The Harmony

Located in the population of Vinhomes Riverside ecological urban area, the shophouse of Nguyet Que sub-area Vinhomes The Harmony inherits the synchronous utilities of the urban area with 5 * class facilities, including 1600 high-class residents in phase 1; 1500 households in phase 2; and students from BIS international school, and Vinschool. Owning a shophouse in Vinhomes The Harmony, customers have the right to permanently own real estate products that not only meet the living needs of the family but also satisfy business needs such as trading, opening offices, or leasing. Besides, it is possible to list 5 * class facilities such as:

- Vincom Long Bien Shopping Center with a large entertainment area and numerous food courts

- Huge amusement park

- Children's outdoor playground

- Golf house

- Garden BBQ, etc.




Why should you choose Vinhomes The Harmony shophouse?

Well located

Shophouse Vinhomes Riverside phase 2 is expected to be located in a busy, densely populated location on the main roads at the project. With a great advantage in the source of visitors, there is little change in planning at other locations - a particularly important factor for business.

Investors who want to benefit from the product can lease it back at a high price. The average profit rate from the Shophouse can be from 8-10%. Compare with other forms of bank deposit and stock investment, owning a shophouse apartment in The Harmony is less volatile. Therefore, the rate of return is much higher.

Limited quantity

Unlike other products, Vinhomes Riverside 2 shophouses have a limited quantity, so they offer higher business investment opportunities for homeowners. On average, when implementing each project, the number of Shophouse apartments accounts for a very low percentage. The Harmony Vinhomes Riverside project is also expected to provide a small number of Shophouses with beautiful locations in the urban area.

Shophouse The Harmony has become a sought-after product by many customers. According to predictions from some experts, this product may not be enough to meet the huge demand of the market today.




Smart design

Shophouse The Harmony apartment is a new product model that separates the business area from the living area, so it is very convenient for the business activities of the future owner. At the same time, the apartment is optimized for use thanks to the smart design.

Shophouse The Harmony is expected to launch shortly. According to some real estate experts, this will be the product that receives the most attention from customers and may be sold out very quickly.

Vinhomes Riverside is one of the most livable urban areas in Vietnam, meeting the standards of a green - clean - ecological living space in the heart of Hanoi. A shophouse commercial in this high-class urban area will satisfy numerous customers, worthy of being a place to draw a peaceful green dream by a gentle and poetic river.

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