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Vinhomes Symphony is a new apartment-office complex built and launched by Vingroup in Long Bien, Hanoi. Vinhomes Symphony includes 05 apartment buildings (buildings S1, S2, S3, S5, and S6) and an office building designed by famous architectural firm Humphreys & Partners.

Vinhomes Symphony owns an extremely convenient location, and easy to move into the city center (it only takes 9 minutes). The location of Vinhomes Symphony is fully located in the 5 * urban area - Vinhomes Riverside. Vinhomes Symphony has a unique internal landscape such as a swimming pool, promenade, and utility cluster simulating the Greek Lia (Lyre). This helps Vinhomes Symphony have all the facilities of a high-class urban area with a fresh and relaxing living space. 


Vinhomes Symphony is located at Chu Huy Man street - a wide and beautiful route with 8 lanes running in Long Bien district. This is a beautiful location in the center of the urban area. From Vinhomes Symphony, you can move quickly to Vincom Plaza - Long Bien, visit Dinosaur Park, and take a walk by the cool green canal.

Vinhomes Symphony offers a lot of options for different types of apartments as well as usable areas. Apartments in buildings S5 and S6 have a flexible area from 37 m2 -119.5 m2 and have from 1 to 3 bedrooms. The apartments here are smartly designed, making the most of natural light and wind to help ensure the quality of life for residents here.

Building S5 Vinhomes Symphony

Building S5 is located at the intersection between Chu Huy Man Street and Hoi Xa Street, opposite Vincom Plaza. Building S5 is one of the apartment buildings with the best view in Vinhomes Symphony. Building S5 has a total of 232 apartments with 15 floors and 01 basements.

We can see that the location of the S5 building is not as appreciated as other towers at Vinhomes Symphony. Because S5 is located near the office tower and 02 major roads, it will be noisy and crowded.

The downside is 1, the advantage here is 10. The S5 building has a very nice view, all 4 sides are not covered much by other towers. In which, apartments facing Northeast and Northwest have a panoramic view of Vincom Plaza, Bang Lang Villas, and Viet Hung urban area, while apartments facing Southeast and Southwest have a panoramic view of the square. vibrant. Moreover, this place adjacent to the main road is an office building, so transactions, shopping, and moving will be much easier.

Building S6 Vinhomes Symphony

Unlike other buildings at Vinhomes Symphony, the S6 building is divided into 2 different buildings, namely S6A and S6B. These two buildings have a symmetrical position with each other, sharing 5 floors of podiums, while the upper part is separate from each other. Building S6 is also a tower that fully converges all 4 types of apartments: Studio apartment, 01 bedroom apartment, 02 bedroom apartment, and 03 bedroom apartment. In particular, the design of the 1-bedroom apartment in building S6 is highly appreciated. Both the living room and the bedroom are squarely designed, with a balcony and large windows to help catch natural light and wind into the apartment. 

More than 60% of apartments in building S6 have a panoramic view of Vinhomes Riverside urban area and Duong river. Building S6 has only one small drawback is that the total number of apartments is very much, up to 716 units. The number of apartments here is 2 to 3 times higher than other buildings. To compensate for such a large number of apartments, building S6 is equipped with 14 months of machines, equivalent to about 50 apartments/elevator. This helps residents at the S6 building almost never have to wait for the elevator for more than 2 minutes.

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