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Located in the high-class urban area of Vinhomes Ocean Park, The Ruby 2 subdivision possesses outstanding features in terms of location, facilities, and luxurious design to bring a modern life in balance with nature for residents. In order to meet the needs of searching for apartments for rent with perfect living space, the following article will provide customers with information for renting apartments in R201 - R218 building, Ruby subdivision.

Vinhomes Ruby 2- Vinhomes Ocean park


Ruby 2 subdivision is modernly designed with 15 high-class buildings with a system of apartments designed according to the following types:

Studio apartment

Type of apartment with small area, cozy space for young single people, newlyweds or low-income families. The highlight in the design of the Studio apartment is that there is no wall partition to save electricity for lighting, create a connection between rooms, save space as well as create convenience for the whole apartment.

Studio in Vinhomes Ocean Park

1 bedroom (+1) apartment

The design is similar to the Studio apartment, but the 1-bedroom (+1) apartment is arranged with an additional function room that can help the owner use it as a reading room, office or add an extra bed according to personal preferences. 

The design of this apartment type is aimed at customers who love privacy and quiet but still ensure a harmonious element.

1 bedroom (+1) apartment in VInhomes Ocean Park

2-bedroom apartment

This is a fairly large apartment, meeting the needs of households with small children or groups of friends 2 - 3 people sharing the same rent.

2-bedroom apartment in Vinhomes Ocean Park

3-bedroom apartment

The product is exclusively for 3-generation families, homeowners love the spacious space with 3 bedrooms, flexible layout, to meet the maximum use needs of each family member.

3-bedroom apartment in Vinhomes Ocean Park


Well located

Vinhomes Ocean Park project is planned in Gia Lam district - a place with a fast development speed with convenient infrastructure and traffic.

The project is planned with the northwest location adjacent to the 40m national highway

The Northeast borders on Dong Du - Duong Xa route

The Southeast borders on Kieu Ky residential area

The Southwest borders National Highway 5B and the highway Hanoi - Hai Phong

According to the city's plan, in the future, four bridges will be built across the Red River and Duong River.

With a convenient location, residents can easily move to locations in the city center, orienting the area to become the economic, political and cultural center of the Capital.

Modern apartment design

The system of apartments with modern design, optimized for use, brings the perfect living space for homeowners. The apartment is designed with a variety of studio types. 1-3 bedrooms, flexible area to meet the diverse needs of living space as well as financial potential of the family.

Perfect facilities and services

Possessing a large scale of up to 420ha, of which construction density only accounts for 19%, Vinhomes Ocean Park project spends 117ha for green landscape design. Stepping into the urban area, you will feel the open space, fresh air and the most perfect facilities.

Utilities include:

The first saltwater lake in Hanoi, an area of ​​​​6.1ha

The central big lake is 24.5ha wide

System of indoor swimming pools and outdoor swimming pools

Vinschool international standard inter-school system, VinUni . university

System of clinics and hospitals VinMec

A prestigious investor

Invested and built by Vingroup - the leading prestigious unit in the real estate market in Vietnam, customers can be assured of product quality, project progress as well as handover standards. 

Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area is modernly planned with a closed utility system, promising to be the perfect environment to fully meet the living needs of modern residents.

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