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Vinhomes Symphony is a new apartment-office complex launched by Vingroup in Long Bien, Hanoi. The location is fully located in the 5 * urban area - Vinhomes Riverside. Vinhomes Symphony fully converges elements of an international standard urban area with fresh living space, filled with trees and an advanced service system.

Vinhomes Symphony is located at Chu Huy Man street - a wide and beautiful road with 8 lanes running in Long Bien district. This is a beautiful location in the center of the urban area. From Vinhomes Symphony, you can move quickly to Vincom Plaza - Long Bien, visit Dinosaur Park, and take a walk by the cool green canal.

Overview of Vinhomes Symphony


Vinhomes Symphony includes 05 apartment buildings (buildings S1, S2, S3, S5, and S6) and an office building designed by famous architectural firm Humphreys & Partners. Vinhomes Symphony has a unique internal landscape such as a swimming pool, promenade, and utility cluster simulating the Greek Lia (Lyre). All are intentionally arranged with a BBQ garden overlooking the canal, lawns, fountains, children's playground, sports field system... to help create a unique and seamless overall space.

Vinhomes Symphony offers a lot of options for different types of apartments as well as usable areas. Apartments in buildings S1, S2, and S3 have a flexible area from 37 m2 -119.5 m2 and have from 1 to 3 bedrooms. The apartments here are smartly designed, making the most of natural light and wind to help ensure the quality of life for residents here.

Apartment building S1

Building S1 is located in Vinhomes Symphony area, here is arranged a lot of large green trees, interspersed next to tennis courts, basketball, badminton, outdoor swimming pool... This is a high-class apartment building, as well as an outdoor swimming pool, which is the most expensive at Vinhomes Symphony.

Separated from Chu Huy Man and Hoi Xa streets, building S1 has the quietest space in Vinhomes Symphony. Besides, the S1 building is also the apartment building with the best view in Vinhomes Symphony with more than 80% of apartments at S1 having a view overlooking the dinosaur park.

In addition, the S1 building is also covered by the S2 and S6 buildings, so the S1 buildings will be almost not cold in the winter or sultry and hot in the summer. Collectively, it can be seen that the S1 building is a beautiful comprehensive tower in apartment buildings at Vinhomes Symphony.

Apartment building S2

Similar to building S1, building S2 is located inside the interior of Vinhomes Symphony, separate from the main roads of Chu Huy Man and Hoi Xa streets. This place is very suitable for customers who love the privacy and quiet life. Even though it is not located near a large garden or an ecological river like buildings S1, S6, but building S2 has a very fresh living space thanks to the green trees and grass spread along the 3 East and north sides. , West building.

Building S2 is blocked by 3 buildings S1, S3, S6 so the view of the apartment is not overestimated. However, this can also be considered an advantage of the S2 building, because both the Northwest and Northeast sides will not be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. In addition, at the S2 building, you can still see the whole Vinhomes Riverside urban area. 

Apartment building S3

Building S3 at Vinhomes Symphony owns a quiet space, suitable for the high-class living standards of many customers. At the same time, building S3 has only 150 apartments, the number of apartments is much lower than other towers at Vinhomes Symphony. Privileged facilities such as a lounge, a community room that do not have to be shared by many people are the great benefits of building S3.

However, what makes the S3 building different is the apartment design. Building S3 is one of the towers that converges all 04 types of apartments: Studio apartment, 1-bedroom apartment, 2-bedroom apartment, and 3-bedroom apartment. In addition, building S3 is also the only tower that owns a 2-key apartment (apartment number 5A, 11th, and 12th floor). 

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