Main reasons to choose Vinhomes Riverside

(Update: 9/4/2015 1:49:13 PM)

There are 6 main reasons to choose Vinhomes Riverside as Residence as follows:

1. High quality properties

The Vinhomes villas prioritize life quality, aesthetically pleasing environment and access to convenient services.

- Elegant, luxury and harmonious design. Their properties are consistent with surrounding architecture, modern, and provide the best living environment for each family.

- Professional construction, high quality control and timely completion.

- Living in te City, every one like to live next to the water, Vinhome riverside houses has lake and rivers behind all the houses. Residents acan enjoy the fresh air, do fishing, relax by the riverside in the their houses.

2. Outstanding facilities

Vinhomes provides comprehensive international-standard facilities and infrastructure for education, healthcare, sports, culture, shopping and entertainment.

- The shopping center and food court in each Vincom Center and Vincom Mega Mall 

- Educational infrastructure 

- Healthcare facilities 

- The athletic facilities 

- The unique, modern entertainment centers

3. Professional services

Vinhomes supports its residents by providing professional and conscientious services at home, such as:

- Service Center 

- Household services

- Repair and maintenance service

- Home dining and catering service

- Business Center

- Leasing and property management 

- Lounges/club-house

4. Green and clean living environment

All Vinhomes residential villas and houses are built with the “living-with-nature” idea, where green spaces are designed and arranged harmoniously along with squares, green parks, and playgrounds, satisfying all the requirements of ecological architecture, environmental protection and benefiting the community.

5. Community activities

At Vinhomes, cultural and sports activities are held regularly, which build a sense of community and strengthen the relationship between family members and neighbors.

6. Security and safety

Advanced security system with the latest equipment and professional 24/7  security service with a regular patrol service regularly monitoring the area. At Vinhomes Riverside, CCTVs are strategically to cover 100% of public streets.

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